Meet Dr. Anthony Patel

Dr. Patel is a highly skilled and patient-centered orthodontist who is at all times completely focused on the health and happiness of the people whom he treats. Through providing the most rewarding, effective, and beneficial care available, Dr. Patel places his commitment to excellence in orthodontics at the highest regard. His goal, above all else, is to provide each patient he sees with nothing but an orthodontic experience that exceeds his or her expectations. And to this end, Dr. Patel strives daily to meet and go beyond the challenges and needs of his patients while earning their confidence in his exceptional care and ability.

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Assembling a team of highly trained staff who are all passionate about going the extra mile to make your experience exceptional is no easy task. That’s why at Anthony Patel Orthodontics, we have the most talented and genuinely compassionate team of individuals striving to bring a smile to your face each and every day. We absolutely love our patients and we also love each other so much that we consider ourselves a FAMILY!

  • Vicki

    Treatment Coordinator

  • Diane

    Treatment Coordinator

  • Connie

    Treatment Coordinator

  • Amy

    Clinical Technician

  • Brenda

    Clinical Technician

  • Crissteen

    Clinical Technician

  • Nicole

    Clinical Technician

  • Paige

    Clinical Technician

  • Sarah

    Clinical Technician

  • Lex

    Professional Relations

  • Jen

    Professional Relations

  • Paula

    Insurance Coordinator

What Sets Us Apart

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  • Expert Training
  • Personalized Service
  • Comfortable Treatments
  • Flexible Payments
  • Modern Techniques
  • Convenient Locations

Check Out Our Patient Testimonials

Dr. Patel cares enough about his patients to give the best and most updated information. Dr Patel's staff is the greatest and also are very caring for their patients. My son has had his braces off now for about 6 months, but he can't wait to go in for his retainer visits just because he loves the friends we have made at Dr Patel Orthodontics. He smiles all the time with confidence thanks to Dr. Patel.


I came to Dr. Patel, and he fixed every single thing other orthodontists said they couldn't. He got rid of my underbite, my front teeth don't petrude outward like before, I don't have a crossbite, and he transformed my K'9s into incisors. He fixed all of those issues within 18 months without turning to surgery.


I really messed up and scheduled an appointment too close to baseball practice. When they heard us call my coach to say I'd be late, they went out of their way to help me. First they helped schedule another appointment to split the work into smaller chunks, then brought in an extra assistant to speed up the work that needed to be done. It may not seem like a big deal but they clearly put my issue first and went out of their way to help.


THE BEST, hands down. It can be traumatic enough for some children to go through the whole braces experience, but this group of professionals knows how to ease any apprehension whatsoever. They are very caring and always take time to walk you through every step of the process.


My daughter does not like having her teeth touched (very sensitive). Dr. Patel and his staff have been wonderful. They don't make her feel bad that she is scared. They tell her every step of the way what they are going to do and they let her watch with a mirror she can hold... We are so pleased with Dr. Patel and his staff!!


The moment we arrived we were treated as we had been going there for years. Everyone was extremely welcoming and kind. As our son progressed with his phase of braces, the staff always knew who we were when we arrived for visits and greeted us warmly. We had several "bracket emergencies" and we were able to come in immediately to have them fixed (no biting apples really means no biting apples!).


I'm just getting started, having only done my initial consultation and first appointment, but everything has been better than I imagined. My wife started Invisalign with our dentist, who is great, but Dr. Patel is a perfectionist and passionate about making my smile not just better, but excellent. Though my wife can't transfer, Dr. Patel offered to call her dentist for free to provide guidance and orthodontic mentorship.